November Update


We so appreciate your interest in helping us reach out to the remote people of southwest Angola, some of the neediest people in the world. Below is an update on our progress toward beginning our work there.



We are currently at 65% of the monthly financial support needed to begin. Thank you to the more than 50 people or families who are already contributing to our work. If you are planning on supporting us and haven’t notified us, please do so by email so that we can more accurately assess where we are with our funds. See below as to how to send donations.


If you know anyone who might be interested in supporting our work, please introduce us. We are looking to expand our network and meet others desiring to participate in taking the good news of the Kingdom and health care to those currently without.


Would you please ask our Father how exactly He would have you participate in this work to the people of rural Angola? We need an additional $4000/month to fund our upcoming work. The following additional contributions would allow us to begin work. Could you perhaps contribute in one of the following ways (tax-deductible)?


4 financial partners at $1000/month ($12,000/year)
8 financial partners at $500/month ($6,000/year)
16 financial partners at $250/month ($3,000/year)
40 financial partners at $100/month ($1,200/year)
80 financial partners at $50/month ($600/year)


All contributions (nothing is too small or large) are so appreciated and will help to bring health care and the Good News to the Angolan people. If everyone in our contact list (400 people/families), for example, contributed an additional dollar per day, we would be fully funded.



We also have about 70% of our start-up expenses pledged. In addition to our monthly support, we need approximately $26,000 in additional contributions to depart for Angola and begin work. Perhaps at this year-end, contributing to this fund would be a way that our Father might use you to have a global impact?



We have begun the process for obtaining visas, hoping that we can collect the appropriate documents and gain our entry visas early in 2012.


We have been so blessed during our time here by way of housing, loaned cars, individual and group meetings, warm embraces and encouraging interest in us and our work. Thank you to everyone who is helping us during this transition time. If we haven’t seen you, please email, as we would like to see you before we leave.


your partners in His work,

tim and betsy


Prayer considerations:

Tim is having another Heart Cath tomorrow (11-16-11) for stenting of a re-occluded coronary artery. He is recovering well from his knee replacement surgery

There are yet many mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and financial preparations


Contributions: Mail:
PO Box 7900
Charlotte, NC 28241




We are His hands and His voice. Through us He touches, embraces, and offers a gentle word. Through us He draws all men unto Himself…

All work is His. We are all invited to participate in what He is doing in Angola.


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  1. Oh my friend, how difficult it is sometimes to understand God’s ways…in fact, can we ever truly understand? But He is faithful, and as you said, not surprised by this turn of events. Praying for you.

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