Thank you for your interest in our work among the rural people of Angola, Africa.  Please visit pages of interest above, below the picture.

The picture above nicely illustrates our vision/calling/perspective:  I am not here to fix you, save you or change you…  I’m not capable…  I am screwed up, you are screwed up, and we each face various challenges, hardships, joys, strengths, weaknesses…  If we walk with Jesus, we will together experience His light, His love, and His purpose for our lives – to live in humble relationship with Him, in this life and in the next.



Angola is located in western, Sub-Saharan Africa









Cavango (where we live) overlooks the beautiful Cubango River Valley, and is somewhat centrally located in the country


  1. Hi Dr. Kubacki,
    I worked at Morrow County Hospital in Lab. as MLT, my manager was Kathy . You was in ER . Then Ohio Health took over.
    I am working at Marietta Memorial Hospital Lab. now . Would you let me come over and work as your lab.tech volunteer.
    I wish the best all of you over there.

  2. Oh how I miss the Tim and Betsy kubackis. You haven’t heard from me for a while. This is your old friend Super Dave. As in Sunbury Dave Morrison. Hasn’t God been good and faithful through the years?

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