Thank you for your interest in our work among the rural people of Angola, Africa.  Please visit pages of interest above, below the picture.

The picture above nicely illustrates our vision/calling/perspective:  I am not here to fix you, save you or change you…  I’m not capable…  I am screwed up, you are screwed up, and we each face various challenges, hardships, joys, strengths, weaknesses…  If we walk with Jesus, we will together experience His light, His love, and His purpose for our lives – to live in humble relationship with Him, serving others in this life and in the next.



Angola is located in western, Sub-Saharan Africa









Cavango (where we live) overlooks the beautiful Cubango River Valley, and is somewhat centrally located in the country


  1. We pray that the Lord will continue to hold you up & that the Corona virus won’t make it to your corner of the world. The Lord put a hedge of protection around you. Bob & Alice.

  2. Praying God’s ongoing strength and comfort for you as you are faithfully caring for others.
    I Cor. 1:3-10

  3. Continuing to pray for these new developments. Praise God for this visit. Praying for continued blessing and quick response for the government. Tim and Karen

  4. God continue ti bless your work in Angola, keep you safe & well. I just got word from a cousin that our cousin that was 69 passed on Jan. 19th from Covid 19. He had been in the hospital since Christmas. His wife & college student son had a mild case of it that just lasted a few days. He had a heat attack some yrs. ago which weakened him. He was under alot of stress as a research scientist for Battele in Columbus. I hadn’t heard any news or seen him for yrs. I just got email from another cousin in Denver that hadn’t heard from over a yr. that has had long term covid since Sept. Only has energy enough to eat & sleep. Needa prayer. Alice has decided to not get vaccine for Covid. I think I’d best wait for Johnson & Johnson 1 shot non-RNA vaccine in April or May before my next 2 Rituxan infusions for RA. I just turned 72 & have A-fib. for sev. yrs under control wi. meds including Zarelto blood thinner. Exercising in pool 2x @ wk., 1 day yoga, hike & work out at gym other days. I think someone from V.C.D.C. (maybe Mike Sheedy) told me he thought you were back in States recently. We now go to Morrow Co. Vineyard (Jerry Stevens church). Bob Meyer

  5. I am so delighted that Barb Hockersmith keeps up to date with Cavango news. God bless you all as you minster to those precious people. Jane Etheredge

  6. God bless you and your family ,Tim. I felt the call as a young woman but did not go. You are fulfilling this. May you stay safe and secure in Gods arms. Later in life I became an LPN and spent 35 years in geriatrics’s. I met you briefly at MorrowCounty Hospital in ER. I don’t expect you to remember but treasure your acquaintance. God speed in your work

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