Thank you for your interest in our work among the rural people of Angola, Africa.  Please visit pages of interest above, below the picture.

The picture above nicely illustrates our vision/calling/perspective:  “I am not here to fix you, save you or improve you…  I’m not capable…  I am screwed up, you are screwed up, and we each face various challenges, hardships, joys, strengths, weaknesses…  If we walk with Jesus, we will together experience His light, His love, and His purpose for our lives (to live in relationship with Him, in this life and in the next).”



Angola is located in western, Sub-Saharan Africa









Cavango (where we live) overlooks the beautiful Cubango River Valley, and is somewhat centrally located in the country

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  1. God Bless the Kubackis as you all go your separate ways. I do so well remember your phrase be quick but don’t rush. I think of that so often and have frequently shared it with others. I read of your work there and think I could offer a helping hand. So much that needs to be done. I can feel the urgency and desire to help. It is definitely a learning process to turn our limited means in all areas over to our Lord. I am slowly working at recovering from a serious auto accident on 5/25/16. Head on collision with major left side impact. Both vehicles at about 60 mph. A drunk driver crossed into my lane as I rounded a curve. Was seen by Dr. Elliott at MCH then on to Grant. It is a miracle that I am alive and have as little injury as I do. Should take about a year to get my mouth put back together. I had to cancel my bucket list trip of rafting the Colorado river through the Grand Canyon. It was with the Canyon Ministries group. Guess it wasn’t meant to be. I found the part of you story about the media so interesting and so true. It is so hard to get people here to open their eyes and their hearts. I am trying to do what I can to share to make a difference. Thank you for sharing too. Love you guys. Kathy PS I will share your article with folks at the Morrow County Fair this month. Maybe they will be more receptive.

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