Health Care

I’ve been able to help many people with their health because so many of you are sending support for such purposes.  A river pastor with exertional difficulty breathing is seeing a doctor and getting tests because we could give him the needed funds.  On the “free” government system, one could wait weeks or months to see a physician.  I was able to interview him and advise him in how to proceed.  I purchased medicine for outpatient treatment of a young girl with pneumonia, and for several people with severe gastritis.  In the night, I saw an infant with dehydration and supplied her with oral rehydration formula and counsel.  I have supplied the funding for medicine for children with various infections, including parasitic infections.  I recently gave a “cortisone” knee injection to a 60+ y/o man with severe arthritis who lives about 10 hrs from a doctor (we met him on our trip to the Assurini).  He was seen a week later at his home and was thrilled at the improvement.  We assisted in the funding for a 32 y/o woman with three young kids to go to Belem for Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy for cervical cancer.  The only cancer treatment for those in Altamira is in Belem, 500 miles away.  I‘ve also been able to assist the missionary families with their health concerns.  These are just a few examples of the care we’ve been in a position to provide.  We’ve been able to assist many because you support us in our work here.  Though I can’t officially practice yet, I can interview and advise and help financially.  We lay hands on and pray with each person, explaining that there is One who heals, and that He graciously allows us to participate in the process.  People with illnesses are finding us and we’re finding ways to help.  Our finances are your finances, our reward is your reward.  I wish you could receive the expressions of gratitude that we do here.


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