Please pray with us (II)

Please pray with us.  Bets is returning home in July or August (we’re looking into flight options) to take care of some house issues.  We own a large house north of Sunbury that we had planned to rent for two years.  Our intended plans didn’t materialize and we now need to either find renters or sell.  We are confident in our Father’s complete control of this situation for His good purposes and we look forward to seeing the pieces fit together.  Our Father is bringing His cherished daughter back to her family and friends well before she anticipated.  That may be all this is and isn’t that cool!  It would be just like Jesus to do that for Bets.
Nevertheless, please pray with us for resolution of this financial challenge.  And also for the trip details and planning.  And for our survival in this jungle without her!
thank you so much,

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