Remember me


In a still, quiet moment at a recent sunrise prayer time, I sensed a pretty clear word from God, “Before you go, remember me.”  I didn’t have a clue what it meant; though I was “sure” it was the Lord.  Two or three days later, while exercising and listening to a totally unrelated taped message, the meaning came to me.  It was one of those divine, intersecting thoughts that bring complete and sober focus.  “Me” is the people of this region.


"Before you go… 

          Look around; open your eyes and your ears.

          Meditate on what you’ve seen and heard here. 

Before you go…

          Open your heart to this place, to this people… more.

          Surrender to Me, to My task here, again… before you go,


Remember me!


Before you go…

     To the more familiar,

          From the crowded streets, rice and beans, redes,

          open markets, and Portuguese.

Before you go… 

     To the more routine,

          From the long river trips, the grueling motorbike treks, and the frequent moves.

Before you go…

     To the more comfortable,

          From the wooden benches, the trash and decay, the mud, heat, chiggers and pium. 

Before you go…

     To the love and support of family and friends,

          From your relative isolation as a ‘dumb’, white, foreign, rookie, missionary.

 Remember me!


A culture hungry for the news of God’s affection for them;  

A field truly white for harvest

     … Remember me. 

A people living with difficulty, on dirt floors, with ever-present biting insects, in the sticky tropical heat, day after day

     … Remember me. 

Those of back-breaking, untiring, sweaty, labor, for so little

     … Remember me

The thirsty ones, who meet at sunrise every day, with joyful enthusiasm for more intimacy with Jesus

     … Remember me. 

Those on the rivers, so isolated, so lacking and yet so gracious and hospitable  

     … Remember me. 

Of the Assurini jungle, those who walk for up to several hours in darkness to attend a simple, spontaneous, outdoor candlelit service of worship and a teaching from the Bible

     … Remember me.

And my children.  The smiles, hugs and giggles of my children

     … Remember me. 



Are you too busy or too tired?

     … Remember me.”



His voice is always direct, always gentle, always true, always loving. 

I will remember. 

Please remember with me.


 Mt 5: 3-6

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