Back in Altamira

We arrived in Altamira Friday and are unpacking and adjusting to the heat.  It’s near 100 degrees each day and "cools" to 85 at night.  The kids traveled well and we really faced no glitches.  We spent a delightful afternoon at a beach in Miami and spent an evening enjoying downtown Manaus.  Other than three days in a row up at 4am, it was a fun three days. 
We arrive rested and renewed.  Connecting with you in the states was so refreshing.  We received so much from you and we hope we can be faithful partners in His kingdom work here.  We are renewed in our commitment to love. Love Jesus.  Love our kids and each other primarily, then those God directs us to.  And language.  Language is key, and must be our priority for this season.  Just a couple things to really focus on.  Then a whole host of more minor things.  Life just isn’t that different than what faced us in the states.  The tyranny of the urgent is a tool of our enemy and distractions tempt us away from what’s most important.  I’m committed to resisting but I know I will fail.  But I will trust Jesus to use my efforts for His sake and for someone here.  The best I can be is available.  I’m a tool in His belt, and I want to be in His hand.  He will use me as He sees fit.  It’s His work, afterall, and He will choose to use me in His project as I’m available.  The task is His.  The responsibility is His.  The burden is His. 
Please do use us, Lord, in what you are doing in this area, in this time.

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