Visas, medicine, etc.

Bets and I spent four days in Belem to apply for a one year missionary visa renewal.  At the end of our second year we will be able to apply for a permanent visa.  We also were determined to find out some information on medical licensing.  There was much running around as most of our documents needed translating to Portuguese and we greatly benefited from the assistance of fellow missionaries Steve and Elba Dolan.  Our application was accepted.  Now we will wait to hear if there are any problems with the issuing of the visa like there was before we initially came.  We visited the US embassy and they gave us several suggestions regarding medical licensing.  We now have an attorney looking into the specifics of the process and the laws regarding the same.   

God is using the process to further secure my trust in Him for ALL the details of my work, as well as my life.  I have found that my trust in Him is often lacking and this is revealed in my striving and my impatience.  I long to trust Him and realize the rest that accompanies this trust.  As my trust in Him increases, my, “What if…” and my “Yes, but…” questions lose their power to discourage and unsettle.  

I find myself looking for His light on more than this step in the journey.  I’m challenged daily to be content with what HE has chosen to reveal.  I must take my eyes off of big things and pour myself into the little ways to serve today.  I’m convinced that we are in His pleasure here…today.  Tomorrow remains unknown.  How I can deceive myself into thinking I must know tomorrow to work well today.  Goals are OK, trusting Jesus is better. 

We continue to progress well with language, though never as quickly as we’d like.  The kids are doing quite well.  Thriving would be an accurate description.  Bets and I seem to be drawing closer and walking together in this adventure more as time goes on. 

We continue to be encouraged by you through your emails, letters, prayer, and financial support.  When Jesus said that those who leave house and home for Him would be blessed in many ways, He spoke truly.  We remain grateful to Him, and grateful to you.

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