Next Steps



We’re returning from a week long trip to explore where we will, as a mission, plant a new base of operations in the next year or so. We were looking at Portel (25,000 pop) and Breves (85,000 pop), which are along the Amazon River, between Altamira and Belem. Five Americans and five Brasilians made the 48+ hr boat trip (one way). The trip consisted of six days of travel to and from our destinations and four days of looking, praying. and asking people questions.

Our gauges for evaluation: Is the area surrounding the city unreached with Jesus’ Gospel of grace and truth? Can our family live there? Will we be able to host short term mission trips and will these trips and the people on them be able to play a vital role in the work of reaching these folks with Jesus’ Good News? There are a host of questions under each of these, but these are our principle questions as we evaluate each site.

The towns of Breves and Portel and the immediately surrounding areas appear to be evangelized by a strong outreach from Assemblies of God. We especially saw Portel as a place that would be a nice place for our families. Both places could host teams well and have access to many river villages. There are remote areas on multiple rivers that could be reached from these cities and if these locations make the first cut, we will spend more time exploring these remote areas. It was a good first exploration trip and we spent much time processing and praying together. We realized again, with passion, that our goal is to go where there is currently no access to the Good News. We will explore several other areas in the coming months (Maraba, Almeirim, Sao Felx do Xingu, Laranja), looking for where our Father would send us to serve and communicate His love.

Our current two bases (Altamira and Porto de Moz) are operating well. They will continue their respective outreaches and, Lord willing, have plenty of work for years to come.

The new site is where our family will likely move in the next year or two. Our hope is to identify the site by the end of 2007. Our move will hopefully be made with several American and Brasilian families. Please pray. We really want to follow Jesus’ leading. We want His pleasure, not what necessarily makes “good sense”. Where does He want us at this time? The area is vast, some reached, much unreached. The team is yet to be determined. The area is yet to be determined. There will be need for much financial assistance from you to purchase land, build housing, and build a functional boat. It will be a great opportunity for all of us, as we partner in moving this outreach of love and truth to another area. Thank you for the time you spend interacting with our Father about this next step.

If, as you converse with Him, you receive a word or picture from Him for us, please let us know. Even if you are unsure if you heard something from Him, please let us know. We are all walking this path arm in arm, for His sake and for the sake of those who haven’t heard. It is so good to be in His family. Nothing will ever eclipse in beauty the fact that He loves me passionately. How can we tell them?

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