Tyler and Allison

We said goodbye today to a most precious couple, visiting for three weeks, from Canada. Theirs is a unique journey, as, in the course of one year, they will visit mission works in Argentina, Brazil, Ethiopia, India, and Thailand before returning home. They are about 30 y/o and Allison is an ED nurse and Tyler has been a missionary with YWAM for the past ten years. At the completion of their travels, they will have a perspective like few others and they hope to use this year to seek God’s direction for their future. Based on our experience with them, God will surely use them at each stop to encourage and build up those they spend time with.

Our time with them was special and uplifting. They are simply a special, special couple. As I explore what makes them so special, several things come to mind. Their love for Jesus and their healthy relationships with Him allowed relationship without drain.  Their pleasant dispositions encouraged us daily. They asked questions… missions questions, Amazon questions, spiritual questions, personal questions. They listened. They were honest and real about their struggles and this humility and transparency endeared them to us. They wanted to know about us and the work here but they also were interested in knowing us and connecting to us. They had sober spirits but smiled easily making it always a pleasure to spend time with them. They never had to be the center of attention and they were respectful and honoring in conversation. They frequently expressed gratitude and chipped in with chores around the house and I never heard from them a word of criticism or complaint.

God’s most precious gifts are often unexpected and most times are wrapped up in the people he brings into our lives. We experienced this in the States and we are seeing the same Kingdom thing here. The people that are coming through our house are just the people I’d like our kids to model and learn from.  How cool is that?!  We are so blessed.  Like so many others already, Tyler and Allison were gifts to us. Timely and beautiful, from our Father. We remain so grateful to be a part of His wondrous Kingdom/Family.

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