During a recent stop in a village, we encountered a fourteen year-old girl, Adrela, with four breasts. Because of her age, it was becoming difficult for her to dress normally. Her mother had arranged for surgery in Belem but they needed to come up with $300.00 (far beyond their means) for the operation and for travel. We presented the need to the team from Columbus and most of them spontaneously contributed something (over and above the costs of the trip, which is costly for everyone). The next morning, on my way to Adrela’s mom to present the money to her, I counted the money and it totaled exactly $300.00! I couldn’t believe it. I would love to know the probability of 15 people contributing any amount they wished, having the total equal exactly the stated need. God glorified himself in His people loving and helping people in Jesus’ name. He also glorified Himself in defying probability.

Adrela will have the surgery and escape the pain related to having a very unique physical appearance in a culture where, like in America, physical appearance is highly valued. And, hopefully, when she looks at her scars, she will remember the love of the One who defied probability by bringing a team of foreigners to her most remote village, for her. Many of us have physical and emotional scars that remain with us. When we look upon them, we can focus on trying to understand all the “why’s” related to them, or we can focus, with gratitude, on the blessing bestowed on us in that they demonstrate a previously healed wound. And there is only One healer…

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