Our time in Salvador is going quickly and I think will prove to be valuable in many ways, especially with the language. We study about eight hours/day and try to swim at the beach for about an hour/day. We’ve enjoyed exploring some rock formations near the water and walking around our part of the downtown. Salvador is a large modern city with a recorded history back to the times of Columbus. There was a huge slave trade here (reportedly 10X what we had in the States) and the culture reflects this in its great diversity. It is a beautiful city with a wealth of very old buildings and structures.

Our family is doing well here. The kids have been remarkable in adjusting and finding things to enjoy. They are working on their schooling, enjoying the beach and the fast food, and helping with the small children that we are living with. They have been quite tolerant of our long hours studying the language. The beach and the fast food excursions a couple times/week have served as nice diversions from the studying.

The ocean is simply remarkable to be near. The vast expanse, the 12-20’ crashing waves, the constant breeze… As I looked over it the other day, I was struck at just how little of this world I can wrap my understanding around. Whether it’s the wondrous beauty exhibited by the single flower growing in the rocks or the refreshing breeze on my perpetually sweaty skin, or the volume of water stretching beyond the horizon, there are many miracles before me daily. As my thoughts turn to God, I realize there is so much of Him that I don’t know, and such a small bit that I do know of Him. He has been kind enough to reveal Himself through Jesus and to maintain contact with me through his Spirit, but I can only know Him by faith because He is so far beyond me. Faith is key to appreciating what is beyond our understanding. Whether it’s the flower, the sea, the birth of a baby with all of it’s miraculously working parts, the wind, the sun, the night sky, or the Designer of it all, I can believe and appreciate but I’ll never understand. The designer is beyond wonder and the privilege of being able to experience this life and to know Him (even a little) leaves me quite humbled and grateful.

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