Luke’s Baptism

Luke was baptized this past weekend with twelve others in the Xingu River.  It was a special morning for all those involved.  It gave Luke and I a nice opportunity to talk about Luke’s relationship with Jesus and it was nice to confirm through those conversations that he has a heart to know and to serve Jesus.  He is a special young man and it will be cool to see how God might use him going forward.

Baptism, like many things in our lives, is an outward act prompted by what is on the inside.  To be baptized without having experienced Jesus’ cleansing presence is to simply get wet.  To be baptized after knowing Jesus’ touch can be a special moment. 

This is similar to when a couple wants to get married, without committing themselves to live together, to fight together, to hurt together, to sweat together.  The wedding ceremony is simply a party.  When, however, a couple completes the ceremony as a demonstration of this commitment to the other, it becomes a sacred, special moment. 

Jesus was so right.  It is truly the inner stuff that matters.  The unseen is where reality exists and the seen is simply a manifestation of what is real in the unseen places of our lives.

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