A Wonderful Furlough

We returned from a most delightful 3 months in the States.  There was much travel, visiting friends and family, and even some rest.  It was wonderful seeing so many that are dear to us, and quite frustrating that there were many that we didn’t see and many that we would have loved to spend more time with.  This separation from home is truly difficult.  But we remember often that it wouldn’t be so difficult if we weren’t so loved.  I’ve told my Father many times that I don’t think he has ever sent out a missionary family more dearly loved.  We have had the unique experience of communicating love and receiving love in ways that we likely would not have, had we not been called to relocate.  In some ways it’s been like a death experience, except that we knew when we were leaving and could exchange precious good-byes, and we also have the opportunity to return and again communicate affection with those we love.

Our thanks to everyone who helped to make our time in the States so meaningful.  We experienced so many blessings beyond seeing friends and family and the way everyone opened up their schedules to spend time with us, like having transportation, and a place of our own in which to stay.  God is so very good, and He truly refreshed us.

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