Why Proverbs?

These "proverbs" originated from a time of confusion in my life which prompted me to write out what I believed to be true.  From that point on, when confronted with a confusing situation (an often occurrence with me!) for me or for another, rather than try to reason it out, I began to simply ask my Father, "What is true here?" and try to remember His response.  I keep them for my sake and to share especially with my kids, knowing that dealing with confusion in this life is not unique to me.  I share them with you that perhaps you will be able to own a few of them but more to encourage all of us to often ask this question of our Father and to not rely solely on our own very limited perspective.  There are many more and from time to time I will share a few on the blog.  I hope they are encouraging and not burdensome!


Most of January I will be on the rivers or in Altamira.  I will try to write during the month but my next entry may be in February.


Thank you for sharing in our journey!



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  1. Hey Tim! Just wanted to say a quick hello…I check in on your blog often. Love the new pics of delivering the water filters. I’m SO wishing I was coming down with the VCDC team next week…but it just wouldn’t work out since I just had a baby and all! 🙂 Blessings to you…have fun with the team next week!

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