We spent a week on vacation at the ocean, about 1000 km east of Porto de Moz.  We took a boat for two days to Belem and taxied the remaining three hours by road.  It was a very nice week.  One thing that is difficult in this part of Brazil is to find leisurely activities that everyone in the family can enjoy.  This vacation fit the bill.  The beach was nice, clean and quiet.  The hotel was nice, as well, and we met several good friends there and enjoyed the fellowship.  I’ll try to get some pictures up this week.

We return to busy.  Bets spent a weekend on the river at a leader’s retreat with leaders from Altamira and Porto de Moz.  I will head out on the river this week and be in Altamira the following week.  The kids had some time off school and are diving back in.  We are attempting to catch up on emails as our internet has been pretty lousy for the past three months.  It seems to be working well now.

Thank you for your support for this work.  Many people are blessed by your financial and prayer support.  We have a very real sense that we are entering a special season.  There has been some real maturing in many of our young leaders.  The church is packed each week with many new people.  The work on the rivers has seen many people touched by God’s love in depth and in life-changing ways.  Whole communities have been impacted by God’s Spirit during our visits.  We are seeking the Lord as to how to manage this harvest.  We are trusting His leading.  It is a nice time to be working in this region.  God is up to something and it is a joy to be in a position to participate.  We could not be here participating if you would not have chosen to participate, as well.  If you haven’t "joined in" the work here yet, you can contact us, contact our Father, or send support to the address to the right.  Thank you. 

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