As many of you know, we are tentatively looking to move to a new location in 2011.  There are always many factors involved in any decision and the seemingly more significant decisions appropriately cause some introspection.  On what do we base our decision? Who or what are we listening to?  Proportionally, which below has the most real vs. perceived influence?


Solid principles

Common sense



Our perception of God’s leading

Bible passages

Wise counsel (the advice of trusted friends and/or elders)

Feelings (how we "feel" about the various choices)

Perceived consequences, both good and bad

Fear of loss


Past experience, good and bad

Opinions of others

People in authority over us


Brasilian/American law


There will be consequences, both positive and negative, with any decision and we seek certainty, though we "see through a glass dimly".

There will always be various opinions of what you should or should not do (See Acts 21 and 22)

We are in a season of evaluation and listening.  Please ask our Father to guide us (however He chooses) to the place that we can best serve, and be used to minister to, the wounded, the broken, the hungry, and the poor in spirit.  What location has He prepared for us?


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