A Morning Like This…

Since the water and wine, Jesus’ followers had already seen so much that had rocked their world.  Then they were shocked again as the tragic events over the previous several days had unfolded.  NOTHING had turned out as they had expected.

As I meditate again on His death and resurrection, I realize how like all of the disciples I am.  The betrayal, the denial, the frustration, the speaking without thinking, the self-focus, the impulsiveness, the doubt, the fear, the confusion, the excitement, the depression, the questions…  It’s all in me.  Yet Jesus loved, adopted and used them …

I wonder today about the variety of thoughts and emotions that Jesus’ followers encountered as they continued their ministries and faced unexpected and crazy circumstances and unexpected and crazy human responses.  So much in their ministries turned out painfully and unexpectedly.

So much of my life has not turned out as I expected.  I can trust in His control, His love for me, and His purposes, or I can despair.  The choice is in front of me daily, especially when circumstances are difficult.  Sometimes I trust and sometimes I doubt.

And then I remember that on a morning like this…


  1. He is risen, he is risen indeed! Bless you in your journey towards the light of the world, the risen King who was wounded for our sins of commission and omission.
    Praise Him through all eternity!

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