Our Transition

To all of our faithful blog readers, encouragers and supporters of our work,


We so appreciate your support of our ministry and want you to know our current status.  We are transitioning from our work in the Amazon with the Xingu Mission to work with CEML (www.ceml.net) in the Lubango region of SW Angola.  We will likely be formally accepted into SIM as our new sending organization in August.  We will let you know when this occurs.  Please continue to support us financially through the Xingu Mission until you definitively hear from us to change where to send your financial support.  Your contributions will continue to be our wage during these few months while we transition in the US.  We are tentatively looking to relocate to Angola around October 1st.  The timing of our move will be dependent on raising further financial support for our upcoming work and obtaining appropriate visas to work in Angola.  If you would like to increase or begin financial support for our upcoming work, please contact us @ kubacki.betsyandtim@gmail.com.


Please refer to our blog (https://kubacki6.wordpress.com) for updates and further information on the progress of our transition.


Thank you for your patience as we make this move to serve some of the neediest people in the world.  Your faithfulness to our Father and to His work in serving those hurting continues to encourage us and to enable us to love the “least” by providing health care and counsel while we speak to them of Jesus’ love.


We will be in touch,


Most gratefully your partners in serving our Father and those He loves,


betsy and tim kubacki

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