Looking Forward

I’m writing from a hospital bed and quite grateful again to be here.  I had a knee replaced yesterday and, aside from a couple hours of nausea, recovery has been uneventful (pain meds are a blessing).  I’ve got some therapy ahead but I still just can’t believe this is even possible.  There is a likelihood that I will be pain-free in 3-6 months and I haven’t known pain-free for so many years.  The workers at the hospital have been responsive, kind and have provided excellent care.

Please email us so that we can get together and let us know if you could gather a few people in your home to share with about our work.  kubacki.betsyandtim@gmail.com.

We are looking ahead and hoping to see all of our friends before we leave.  We are still hoping for January and will keep you posted on our progress with obtaining a visa and raising finances for the work.  Either of these could keep us here longer.  We are still needing to raise about $4,000 more per month and about $35,000 in start-up expenses before we leave.

Thank you for praying and for partnering with us in this journey!


  1. Praying your recovery is continuing to go well, Tim. I LOVE the family photo of you guys all dressed up — the one where Ellie’s wearing a white sweater. Now if you could just remove the car in the background and put it on a prayer card . . . !

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