December Update

After serving the remote people of the Brazil Amazon for nearly six years, we are now preparing for our upcoming move to Angola.
Angola is a beautiful, broken country in southern Africa, recovering from more than thirty years of civil war.  The vast majority of Angolans, especially those living outside of cities, have little or no access to modern health care and to the Good News of our Father’s affection for them.

We will work in an area about the size of Ohio, among several large, isolated people groups (populations of 10,000-100,000).  A few of the region’s statistics are to the right.  Our hope is to leave in February to begin the task of loving the people of this region by taking to them basic health care and word of Jesus’ grace and love.
We are so privileged to be His hands and voice as we live among and serve those living remotely in southwest Angola, some of the neediest people in the world.

Visas, Health, Finances

In addition to raising the finances neccessary to live and work in Angola (see below), we must obtain visas and health clearance for Tim’s heart prior to departure.  Tim will be retested in January to assure that the aggressive heart disease discovered this autumn has stabilized.  He is doing well as his knee is almost pain-free and he has had no further heart symptoms.

The visa process is unpredictable and lengthy but we should have all of our documents ready for application by January 1st.

We now have 42 people/families/churches contributing to our work financially, and we continue to seek people who would sacrificially partner with us in this endeavor.  Many people will benefit through your hard-earned donation.

Our Support Team
We can’t do this work alone.  We are currently forming a team of like-minded people who also desire to serve some of the “least” in the world.  If we are the hands, our support team is the rest of the body enabling us to touch the people of rural Angola.  This team will serve with us by praying for us and those we serve, encouraging us, visiting us, and supporting our work financially.  It is exciting to know that we will have a large team “going” with us.

We currently have about 85% of our needed funds pledged and are receiving 53% of our pledges.  Thank you to all of you who have joined us in this effort!

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us in serving the people of Angola?  No contribution is too small or too large.  Both one-time and monthly contributors are needed (see basic budget outline in the right column). Please consider what role you might have in this work.  We would love to meet with you and personally discuss our ministry.

Please notify us of your decision by email ( It would be helpful to know the members of our team soon.  Please let us know, especially, if you would like to be part of our prayer team and/or if you will contribute financially.  We greatly look forward to working with  you!

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