Congratulations Luke Kubacki!

Luke Kubacki, age 18

We are pleased to announce that our oldest son, Luke, has officially graduated from high school.  Luke is enrolled at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and will return to the United States at the end of July to begin school in August.

With all of the distractions of our life style, we are very proud of how Luke has remained diligent with his school work.  Finishing high school, with your books in a box, moving from here to there, traveling from one continent to the other or one village to the other, wasn’t easy.  But he did it.

Luke allowed the distractions to add to his learning as he was determined to LEARN FROM LIFE.  I hope he will have that attitude for his entire life.  We love who Luke is and how he has responded to God’s call for our family.

With homeschooling, living overseas, and a lot of moving around, there won’t be a graduation ceremony, or a graduation party in our back yard.  But Luke is great with that.  He wants no “pomp or circumstance,” he is just ready to move on.  (For someone who walks around our house a lot with no shirt, he is happy not to have wear a cap and gown.)

But as his mom, I do miss those things.  Having our oldest graduate magnifies how different our lives are from the “norm.”  There is something about the ceremony and these events, that mark time.  Passage from one stage of life to the other.  Without it, moving on just kinda “happens.”  And because of where we live, moving on for Luke will be a giant leap, leaving us and flying for two days  to venture out on his own.  His own continent for that matter.  He seems ready.  Am I?  Will I ever be?  I have learned to trust God a lot when it comes to Luke and to our children, and this is another big one.

But this is about Luke not me!  So congratulations Luke!  Well done!  May your next step be filled with learning, about the world, about yourself, and about the incredible love God has for you.


Tim and Betsy


  1. Congratulations to the entire family for the effort put forth by Luke. Truly a vision of the love that God has for us all!

  2. Congratulations to Luke! Betsy, I am on old friend of Tim’s and my youngest just graduated from Ohio University on Saturday. Claire is going back to Athens ( today in fact ) to start her graduate studies there, as well as teaching kindergarden. She has a car and if you need any help with a driver- to pick him up in Columbus – she could help. Claire spent 3 months in South Africa this year student teaching and knows how hard transportation can be!

    How ever the journey happens, congratulations. You are so right, as each of these milestones do mean a lot to mothers!

  3. That is awesome- congratulations Luke, and to Betsy and Tim for teaching him. A wonderful future is ahead of him and his past experiences have shaped and prepared him for this new adventure.

  4. Congratulation Luke! perserverence and hard work pay off! We will pray you will have a great impact on the OU campus for God’s kingdom. You may need to speed some “study” time at Big Run park like your daddy did. Have fun and God bless you! The Kent Doherty family.

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