I hope you are refreshed and your vision renewed as you begin 2013.

Below are where my thoughts have gone as we begin this new year.  Perhaps you will seek to remember a few of the following truths with me?  Walking in truth is freeing, indeed.

Thank you for walking with us into this new year!


This year I want to remember that…


…I, or one I love, may not be here next year.


…the world would continue on just fine without me, but I can have a small impact.


…I am quite screwed up… and quite loved.


most kids in the world will go to bed hungry.


…the smiling face does not necessarily belong to a contented person.


…most people I meet have not known love unconditional.


…the road less travelled will not be easy.


...neglect will destroy the best marriage.


…my Father knows.


…an unkind word is difficult to undo.


…I have been given so much.


…I’ve never had a selfless thought.


…understanding current circumstances may come many years from now.


…I cannot serve two masters.


…I will always be disappointing someone.


…love is a verb.


…in interacting with both my Father and with others, listening is more fruitful than speaking.


…encouragement and affection can completely change someone’s day.


…storms pass.


…my opinion is often best kept to myself.


…every one of us is engaged in serious, unseen warfare.


…in every word I have the opportunity to speak grace.


…in 300 and 3000 years I will still be journeying closer to Him, serving Him, worshipping Him.


…”well done” requires effort and sacrifice.


…I will fail, often.


…serving is not about me feeling better about myself.


…my love will often not be returned.


…I can worry… or trust.


…every little task and every benign interaction can be a blessing to someone.


…I will not arrive.


…to most people, Jesus is about religion and rules.


…nothing stays the same.


…I need to more often say, “I’m sorry”.


…my Father will direct my steps.


…I can speak to, and listen to, my Friend anytime, anywhere.


…I can encourage someone by revealing my weaknesses and flaws.


…only God heals.


…uncommunicated affection has little value.


…I will be offended and hurt.  Will I forgive?


…I can build on rock or on sand.


…I can seek attention and esteem for myself… or for my Father.


…I can be a blessing to someone, in a million different little ways.


…I am wonderfully formed and dearly loved.


…in tragedy, only God can turn ashes to beauty.


…I can cherish every moment given to me.


…I desperately need much interaction/conversation with my Father.


…simple distractions can turn me from my vision.


…I am quite capable of forgetting all of these.


What specific truths do you personally want to remember as you journey this year?  Please share with us in “comments”.



  1. I look forward to your posts!! Enjoyed reading through this one, took time to reflect… The truths I want to remember as I journey through 2013 are: (1)tomorrow is not guaranteed; (2) people are not an inconvenience; (3) I can be frustrated or at peace but I cannot be both; (4) Jesus is about relationship

    Blessings ~
    Penny Gillett
    Westerville, OH

  2. Dear Tim and Betsy,
    Thanks so much for your wonderful New Year’s thoughts. I look forward to your postings so very much. I have shared this latest one with anyone who will listen and even those who are “captive” in my home.
    The truths I want to remember this year are
    you cannot serve two masters
    uncommunicated affection has little value
    I can be a vessel of love and reconcilliation or division
    God Bless you in your journey with Him,
    Deb Flower-Smith
    Columbus, OH

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