Hello from Betsy

Its Wednesday, Feb 8, and this is my first blog.  Its a bit intimitating, especially writing next to Tim, who is so good at it!  But I do want to write and help with the updates.
First of all, I want to say a huge THANK YOU! to all those praying for and supporting us.  We can’t do it without you and we can tell you are praying.  I’m just amazed at how faithful all our friends and family have been.  Its a huge blessing being your friend!
Tim and Luke are away on a boat trip and have been gone for several days.  There is no contact with them, until they are closer to home.  They will arrive tomorrow night.  I will let them fill you in.  The rest of us have been doing well, though we miss them.  Its not hard being "alone" because of where we live, with so many friends right next door. 
Which reminds me!  We are in our new house!  Let me tell you about it:  its wonderful.  The men here at the mission (including Tim) have put so much hard labor into making it a home for us.  We are so grateful.  We love everything, from the screen doors to the internet.  (Well, I don’t love the flies.)  We have been slowly getting our furniture delivered, and Tim bought some metal shelves for the kitchen.  This has helped get us out of boxes.  Its great to have empty containers!  Still to arrive are tables and drawers for the school room and a kitchen table and chairs.  Tim plans to make a bunch of bookshelves with the kids next week.  Right now, the kids have their "stuff" and do school on their beds, then they sleep in reges (hammocks).  The past few days, the Brazilian and missionary men have been working, by hand, to make a driveway and to level out the property around us.
The driveway reminds me of another major event for us-the purchase of a vehicle.  We bought a 1996 Chevy D20.  (Be on the lookout for a picture real soon.)  The first day we went out for ice-cream to celebrate, and we were very excited when the wipers and lights worked!  So far, the speedomoter, ac, gas guage, electric windows, and three doors-don’t work.  There are large rust holes in the floor board and trunk.  It leaks much oil.  But it gets us to town!  Apparently, this type of vehicle is very dependable and easy to have serviced.  Its big-and I have to put a pillow behind me to reach the pedals.hee  But it holds our whole family and then some!
We ask that you would be praying for our decision about a church.  We are enjoying going around to the different churches each week and meeting the different congregations.  It is a big decision as to where we will go, and are taking our time deciding.  Helping out a church will expand our relationships and will help the Portuguese along.  We look forward to making new friends.
I have been taking Portuguese lessons 3 times a week.  Everyone seems very patient with me, both the missionaries and Brazilians.  You have to be willing to look silly and to try in order to progress.  There is a long way to go!  I know Tim plans to really hit it hard when he returns.  Probably the boat trip actually helped.
Well, that’s my update for now.  When Tim returns with the camera, we will put more pictures on the blog.  Thanks for checking in! 

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