Flannel Pants and Fly Swatters

What were we thinking when we packed 2 pairs of flannel pants each?  It was wishful thinking, I know.  In Ohio, as we were packing, we were snug in our warm home, while the snow blew outside.  You just can’t imagine life without those comfy, cossy, flannel pants!  "I think it gets chilly at night," I said.  So here we are with flannel, fleece, sweatshirts and long sleeves–getting stored away in our rubbermaid containers.*  The children try as hard as they can to find a reason to put them on.  If its raining, and its night, and you have the fan or ac on, then you can put them on and not have them stick to you!  But honestly, I haven’t tried.  I have been chilly a time or two and am very thankful for that, but not enough to snuggle under a blanket!
What you really use the most and every day is Fly Swatters!  And yes, you can buy them here, though at this rate, I imagine I’ll break my share over the next year.  Many flies right now.  I guess its due to the fact that its rainy season, which you are glad for because it makes things "chilly" enough to, you know, where flannel pants!
*Don’t worry, I hear we may need them on the boat.

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