House Hunting

Bets and I took a two night, one day trip to Porto de Moz (PDM) to look at a house that I had looked at one week prior. It was a nice getaway for us (a date!) even though both nights were spent on a line boat for twelve hours to and from. These boats are an experience. They are simply packed. People arrive and hang their “redes” (hammocks) in any available space, eat a meal of rice, beans and meat, and lay down in their redes for the night. The diesel motor is too loud for conversation, but if you bring a good book and some earplugs, it can be relaxing. The 100 or so people are packed so tightly that if you move at all in your rede, you will bump into the person on each side of you. It is not a place for someone who cherishes personal space! You are constantly bumped, pushed, and kicked through the night. With the rainy season now beginning, we had a pretty significant storm each night but stayed dry.

Our day in PDM was very nice. We did everything slowly, had much time for uninterrupted conversation, and remembered how delightful time together could be. We both thought that the house we looked at would accommodate our family well and we decided to purchase it. The man selling the house is a business man in the community and was very nice to work with. He is selling the house to purchase the building that houses his small bookstore. God’s hand was apparent in the timing of leading us to him and him to us. We left quite grateful to our Father for each other and for His demonstrated care for us.

Our current plans are to live in PDM for the next three years. In July, God made a clear request of me, telling me that PDM was to be our next step and that it will be a temporary move for us. We will work the interior, flood plain river systems which are home to many poor, rural folks who have little or no access to health care and to the Good News of Jesus’ affection for them. During that time, we will also be exploring where we will move to establish a new base for reaching the remote people of another region in the Amazon Basin. We are seeking the Lord’s guidance for where that might be. We are looking for the regional “pocket” that He has chosen specifically for us, for this particular season of our lives and service. Would you please consider seeking His heart with us for where that might be? We are convinced that He has a particular remote place for us where the gifts and talents that He’s put in us can draw many into His kingdom. We desire to go not where it’s best for us, but rather where He desires to do work which we can participate in. If, while praying, you get a word or anything that you think He might want to communicate to us, please let us know. We are truly in this together. Your time in conversation with our Father regarding us is more valuable than any facet of this ministry. Thank you for walking with us in this journey!IMG_0605

Line Boat

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