Christmas Wishes…


We hope for you, our dear friends, this Christmas season … time

Time to be still … to reflect on how He could love us so much to humbly come to earth and reveal to us what is true, about Him and about us.

Time to love … those He has put in your life who need your affection and encouragement.

Time to be thankful … for all the people and circumstances that build you up and for all the struggles that drive you to your Father’s lap,

Time for prayer … speaking with, and listening to, the One who knows you completely and cherishes you, as you are

Time for leisure … shared, with smiles and laughter; moments of pleasure away from your daily demands and responsibilities,

Time wonder-full … to appreciate the many miracles that surround you each and every moment,

Time to rest … really, really rest.  Without interruptions, without "have-to’s",

Time for renewal … of your vision, your call, your purpose for this season of your life,

Time to receive … the love and encouragement of those that think you are beautiful,

Time to serve … seeing their needs, and helping to meet them,

Time to worship … just you and Him, because He’s so worthy,

Time to remember … all the sweet, special moments of yesterday,

Time to dream … and to "see" all the possibilities that He still has for you,


Time in the snow … just because that sounds so nice to those of us living on the equator!


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