Twists and Turns

Life is full of twists and turns, some that fit our understanding and some that don’t.  We want to understand life, ourselves, God and others.  Those who search gain some understanding, yet they remain so far from anything that could be called complete understanding.  I believe 3,000 years from now, we will still be awed by our Father’s ways and how different He is from us, His created beings.

I’m writing from the ICU of a major hospital in Columbus, Ohio.  Thursday, I was completing my daily 1-2 hours of cycling and developed chest tightness and difficulty breathing.  I’d had similar symptoms several times over the past six months, but I was living in the Amazon and cardiac care was not available.  I had decided that I would get it checked out while in the States and this episode on the bike encouraged me to go to the ED and investigate sooner.

I was kept over night and then had an abnormal morning stress test where they worked me hard enough to reproduce the symptoms.  A Cardiac Catheterization revealed a 95% blockage of a major branch of the LAD, the main artery on the front of the heart.  There was other, less significant evidence of Coronary Artery Disease not needing addressed acutely.  The cardiologist used a “cutting balloon” to reduce the blockage to 20% with a warning that recurrence is probable.  I will be on several new medications for the rest of my life.

What a blessing to be in a part of the world with the technology to identify and treat this life-threatening condition.  None of the people that I will serve in Angola will have the ability to receive such a treatment.  With an average life expectancy of 40 years, most won’t even have the privilege of experiencing coronary artery disease.

How our bias and world view affect our perspective and attitude!  Many would be disappointed with what I am experiencing, yet because of my global experience, my relationship with such a trustworthy Father, and the eternal perspective that results from my relationship with Him, I can genuinely rejoice this morning, from a bed in the ICU.  I love how our trust in Him and our relationship with Him mock the “wisdom of the world” or the “normal” way of processing our life experiences.


  1. Tim – WOW, what a surprise, but I join you in seeing God’s hand on you that you were able to get this looked at while in the U.S. Great being with you Betsy and the kids here in Charlotte on the SIM campus. Bruce Johson, President SIM USA

  2. Wow, Tim. Live really does have some twists! We are so glad that this was caught and addressed. And I LOVE the fact that our sights are on such a good and trustworthy God. We will be praying for you!

    Wanda Turner

  3. Glad to hear that things worked out well and that they caught the incident before you had major problems. God is good!

    I guess there will be no more bacon in your future:)

  4. Dr. Kubacki,

    How thankful and encouraging to hear how God’s mighty hand protected your health and your future! He is so loving, kind, and amazing.

    Continuing to watch and pray for you and your family’s ministry.

    Jayne Monk

  5. Wow Tim, It is hard to believe you were just at our house and talked about getting tests before you were to leave for over seas…Who would of thought you would have surgery…You are in our prayers…keep us posted…Do you guys need anything?

  6. Good on you for having that looked into. May that be a lesson for the rest of us, to not let symptoms go unchecked. What an irony: “the privilege of experiencing heart disease.” Yeah. Get better quick. the Gils

  7. WHoa and whoa again. Thats quite the shocker.

    Glad they caught this while you were home — that does feel like the mercy of God.

    So can I come see you in your hospital gown?

    T Merriman

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