Health, Thorns and Humility

We sent out our August newsletter this week.  If you did not receive one, please email us and we will send one to you.

I am doing well after the angioplasty, adjusting to the normal cocktail of medications and feeling well most days, as I chew on my mortality in a new way. I am scheduled for knee replacement surgery the first week of October.  I am so ready, as the knee pain that I’ve had now for so long has become quite wearing.  The severe arthritis is one of several “thorns” that my Father has used to humble me so that I would remember who I am and who He is.  Now the timely heart condition is a stark reminder of the vapor that is my life, here today and gone tomorrow.

His confounding love is life and life is found in no pursuit.  What is better than to know His love for me, His flawed and unfaithful son?  That His love is greater than my flawed-ness and my unfaithfulness is the good news of His kingdom.  The world must know this.  My God-given thorns remind me of this.  I am to center my trust on my Father and not on myself or others.  He is again using difficulty to center me prior to sending us on the next step in the journey chosen for us.  He is ever gracious to prepare us for the task to which He calls us and preparation usually isn’t easy.  Ultimately, of course, all preparation here is for a never-ending eternity serving and worshiping our King.

I envy and highly regard Paul, knowing that he only needed one “thorn” to keep him humble!  How I must remember that ALL “thorns” have purpose.  I am, however, so thankful that I am in a place to receive such a remedy for my knee.  I am also more aware these days that every moment is a gift that our Father is under no obligation to give.  I am so grateful.  Every moment is, as well, an opportunity to walk with Him, to give attention to Him, to bow to Him, and to follow Him.  He must increase…

We so appreciate your interest in our work and in our lives.  The blogs will likely be few for the next few months while we are in the States.  We will depart for Africa when we have our funds raised and have visas for entry (and health clearance!).  Just to give you an idea, we found out recently that our visa process may cost us $10,000 (for a one year visa!)  We will renew our visas yearly, hopefully at less cost.

To begin our work, we need about $10,000 in monthly contributions ($3,000 of which is our monthly wage) and $90,000 for initial costs (visas, flights, car, furnishings, etc).  We are currently at about 50% of our needed monthly funds and 50% of our needed start-up funds.

The sender is as significant as the one sent.  Each is part of a team or a body.  The hand (the one sent to the task) cannot function without the stomach, spinal cord and muscles, even though these “support structures” are unseen.  It is no different in what we do.  We must remember that the role of the unseen is one of honor in the Kingdom of our Father.  Would you please directly ask Him how you might contribute to this work as an “unseen”, yet vital organ?

Please send your contributions for  Tim and Betsy Kubacki (#036374)  to:


SIMUSA, PO Box 7900, Charlotte, NC  28241

Please let us know by email ( ) how you might be able to contribute:

1) as part of our prayer team

2) $_______ on a monthly/quarterly/annual/other basis

3) $_______ as a one-time donation


Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration in how you might help the neglected people of Angola.


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