Update, 11-23-11

Health Update

I am feeling well.  God has used many of you to deeply encourage me as I
process my unexpected health issues.  After my angioplasty and stenting last
Wednesday, I have no symptoms with my heart, though I must remain pretty
inactive for about a month (other than walking).  My knee (6 weeks
post-operation) has improved dramatically over the past two weeks and I am
fully functional with minimal pain.  After so many years, it is quite
incredible to walk and stand with so little knee pain.

My cardiologist told me that if I have no symptoms by 3 months, my risk of a
serious, life-threatening heart issue is about 1%.  Because I have low
cardiac risk factors (not overweight, no high blood pressure, nonsmoker,
healthy diet – now vegetarian, and exerciser), my risk of recurrence might
be less that 1% from 3 months on.  My biggest current health challenge is
marked insomnia, (which affects everything) that is likely secondary to the
knee surgery and should resolve in the next month or two.



Two “teachings” that Tim has given recently in churches are available on the

1)  “Pain and Suffering and Our Response to it” —  given at the Toledo
Vineyard  —  http://vineyardtoledo.com/Vineyard_Toledo/Messages.html

2) An interview with Danny about “Calling” and our journey —  given at
Vineyard Church of Delaware County — http://www.vineyardcdc.org , then “Resources”, then scroll down to “Sermons”


Financial Update

Our financial support received up to this point is about 35% of the
$10,000 that we need monthly and about 50% of the needed $90,000 in start-up
costs.  Our previous reports focused, by comparison, on what has been

Thank you so much for your interest and support and thank you for presenting
your requests to our Father on behalf of my health.  Please continue to pray
for the same, for our visa process and for wisdom as we make decisions as to
the timing of our move.   We are now hoping for an early February departure.

tim and betsy

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