Travel Update


We have our visas in hand and will depart from Detroit on March 26th, arriving in Lubango, Angola on April 1st.


It has been a whirlwind of recent activity as we seek to prepare to relocate this family of six to rural Angola.  We are shopping, packing, homeschooling, and trying to arrange to carry with us at least a year’s worth of medications without offending physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies.  It’s amazing to think that when we left Brazil last summer, medical professionals were not much a part of our lives, except as friends and colleagues.  I much prefer being on the other side of the stethoscope!


We will live where many things common here will be either not available or quite expensive, so we must fit our “necessities” into our twelve suit cases or boxes.


We are quite ready to begin the task that our Father has given us.  We hope to help the Angolan people living remotely by serving them medically and introducing them to our Father.  We will seek to be witnesses to our living Friend and Lord as we wade into currently unknown relationships, challenges, costs, rewards, frustrations, pleasures, losses and riches.  He must increase…


We are so very blessed by the incredible team that is “going with us” to Africa.  What a thrill it is to be a part of our Father’s family.  So many people are helping  to reach out to these unreached people in SW Angola, and we so need help.  We all seek to make ourselves available to our Potter to mold and to use in Angola, as He will.


During these challenging and trying recent months, we have been loved, encouraged, trusted, supported and embraced and we will arrive in our new culture so very grateful for our faithful family at home.


Please keep in touch.  We hope to return for a few months in two or three years and will continue to email and blog as we begin our new journey.  We’ll post this note and some new proverbs today and write again when we arrive.


We’re so grateful that you are walking with us!


tim and betsy


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  1. We are excited yet sad as your day has finally come. Your family has enriched ours in so many ways and you will be sorely missed. But how wonderful to be doing God’s work even as you are more dependant on him for your day to day. God bless you, Betsy and family and may you all floursih in every way. We will pray for a smooth and quick transition into work and into the culture and for good friends for each of you.

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