Here we go…

So glad to be going.

So sad to be leaving.

So encouraged by so many.

So apprehensive about the unknown.

So exhausted from the preparation.

So excited about the work ahead.

Separated again from friends and family. United with new friends and family.

Trusting, trusting in One so trustworthy.

Out of Detroit today, arriving in Windhoek, Namibia on Wed evening, staying there a couple days and arriving in Lubango on April 1st.

If our Father so desires.


  1. Praying for safe travels and God’s blessings, Kubacki’s! And Happy Birthday a little early, Tim!

  2. God bless you guys! We’re so happy to see this day come to fruition, as you get to the place of ministry God has called you to. You are in our prayers for safe travels and smooth transitions.


  3. Praying for safe travels and many opportunities to feel God’s blessings, protection and presence. God Bless you!

    Donnell and Anjali

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