We went to the airport on Monday, only to find that our flight was cancelled and due to a clerical error, we could not catch an arranged alternative flight.  So strange that it is easy to accept this as purposeful.  The next available departure is Monday night.  We are quite content and resting after the two week mad dash to get out on Monday.  We will now arrive in Lubango on Saturday afternoon, April 7th, if that suits our Father.


We continue to so enjoy the early Spring and see it as a very special gift to be here at this time and to spend one more week with my family in Toledo.  We’ll post again on our arrival and when we again have internet.


  1. Dear Tom and family,
    Greetings. We just returned on March 20 from spending 11 days in Luanda, Angola. By the time you read this you will be in Lubango. Please greet Pastor Moises and his wife Ester for us, as well as the Fosters, Pr. Dinis and others who know us well in Lubango. We will be back in Angola in August but will spend our time in Luanda. If you need anything from the states please let us know. blessings, make sure you go to the mountain and walk under the big statue.
    Mike and Karen Milco
    Chicago, IL USA

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