Please pray for Tim

Would you please pray for Tim?   Over the last few weeks, his heart symptoms returned, with discomfort on a brisk walk.  Though he did not consider his symptoms an emergency, he did feel the wise thing to do is for him to return to the United States to have it checked out by his cardiologist.  He hopes to have a heart cath in Columbus on Tuesday, and with that, some answers.  Tim is right now, on his way, and will arrive in Detroit Monday afternoon.


Please pray for safe travel, for favor in making appointments and especially for Tim’s condition.  It comes as such a frustration and inconvenience, when he wants so badly to be able to serve here, free of health problems.  When he left here, his spirits were good, and as always, was trusting God.


Please also pray for me and the kids and all his family.  Thanks to everyone for your loving support.


  1. Betsy,Praying for Tim.For a good report and safe travel.Keep me posted on his progress and how long he will be in Ohio.Hope to meet him soon. Jim

  2. Betsy, Mike is aware and we will both diligently pray for Tim. Does he need a place to stay in the states? We are so willing to do whatever. My father has gone through this for years! Same symptoms each time. He has had two open heart surgeries and a pace maker implanted and is still going strong at 87 years old!!! Just wanted to give you some hope. Cardiology has come a long way even since my dad had his last surgery 7 years ago. Sooooooo glad Tim decided to make the trip home to get this checked out. My dad has done beautifully because we always caught the blockage before he had a heart attack. That is the key! Tim is on the right track and God will protect him.

    PLEASE let us know if he needs picked up at the airport, rides to the doctor, a place to stay, etc. Keep us in mind for helping out! I can’t imagine how hard it is for you to remain in Angola 😦 Will pray for God’s peace to cover you completely!
    The Sheedys

  3. Thanks Bets, The Doherty’s will be praying for all of you. Let me know if Tim needs a ride to the appts or a car or anything. Kent

  4. Keeping you in my prayers, Tim. I sent a comment yesterday but apparently
    it didn’t register. So sorry you have run into health problems – i’m sure
    you will recover – so many prayers are with you and Bets.
    Evelyn Long

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