Heart Cath Results

I had a heart cath done yesterday, and am now battling jet-lag (I could only sleep about three hours).  Nothing was done therapeutically and the findings follow:


The Heart Cath revealed good news and bad news.  The good news is that my LAD (a large vessel that supplies the left ventricle), which was stented in Nov because of significant blockage, is completely patent.  Also, the rest of the heart vessels look pretty wide open (many only 10%-20% blocked).  This is great news because whatever inflammatory process that caused the rapid damage in the LAD last fall is no longer present.

The bad news is that there is an exception: a smaller, yet still significant vessel, The Diagonal Artery, is 99% blocked and can’t be stented because it is located at the bifurcation of the Diagonal and the LAD (Left Anterior Descending).  It is too small for bypass surgery.  The cardiologist didn’t (balloon) angioplasty it again, because this has failed twice and he believes it would close again shortly.  He said that a heart attack is in my future, with about a 5% chance of fatality and most likely little damage to the muscle, though he emphasized that this is a tough prediction to make, and any potential heart attack concerns him.  His immediate goal is to try to use medication to make the damage from the future heart attack as small as possible.
So…  He started me on a new medication (Imdur) and increased one of my others (Lopressor), to see if the angina that I’ve had with easy walking will improve.  I am now required to carry nitroglycerin with me.  He’s showing my film to all of his colleagues this week to see if they have any further ideas.  I will see him Monday to see if he has any further suggestions before I fly out on Thursday.
Thank you for praying.  We received overwhelming encouragement yesterday and so know we are loved.  Please continue to pray for wisdom for me and Dr Botti so that I can go back to Africa well prepared and treating this problem wisely.   Living long enough to have heart disease is a privelege in most of the world, so I’m grateful.  I am also so grateful this morning for the love that we know in Jesus and that we can trust hIm, converse with Him, and know that all things that He ordains and allows have good, eternal purpose.  I remain so grateful for you and the incredible friends and family that God has given me.

I believe that helping a few people in Angola (especially those with no access to health care and the Good News of our Father’s love) is worth any sacrifice.  “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.”  Truly one day knowing our Father’s pleasure in being spent for the benefit of another, is worth a thousand elsewhere.


Thank you for loving and encouraging me, for your offers to help, and for loving the people of Angola through our family.


Bets and I will keep you posted.




  1. We have been praying Tim. God is good, and no plan of His can be thwarted. Perhaps he has given you more in common with Paul, on missionary journies but with a thorn in your side that increases your dependence upon Him. I know that you will find that His strength is sufficient! Much love, The DeLucias

  2. We continue to pray for you, Tim and for Betsy and the family back in Angola. We concur with your frustration of trying to serve and taking care of yourself at the same time. We pray healing over your body and a safe return to Angola. Continue to exemplify the life of servant of Jesus Christ 2 Cor. 6:3-10. You so blessed us while in Brasil and will bless many others in Angola. Love and Happy Independence Day, Jim and Sharon

  3. Praying for God’s healing over your body,your safe return to Angola, and your work there. I can see God’s love in your every post. Thank you, Linda

  4. Tim – Linda R just contacted me after reading your blog – and I tapped in
    and found it, too. I’m praying for you – you are at the top of my list – Linda
    is putting you on the church prayer chain – She also wanted you to know
    that Lou Basso suffered a severe stroke – and cannot be revived. You may
    have heard that. Anyway, we are both concerned about you and are pro-
    ceeding with our fund raiser plans – My love to you, Bets and the children
    and we will follow your progress – God Bless you, Tim and Betsy.
    Love, Evelyn Long

  5. I was shocked to read this latest blog. I will be adding your name to our prayer list at St. John Lutheran Church. Your stories of your mission there are quite intense. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Linda

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