Tim Update

Thank you so much for your concern and prayer.  I am amazed at how well I’m doing.  I couldn’t walk more than about 10 meters in Angola without angina and difficulty breathing.  I’ve been walking an hour and a half briskly every day with virtually no symptoms (only brief angina walking steep hills).  One day, I walked an hour and jogged for about 10, 30 sec stretches with no symptoms.  I am so very grateful that my Father’s grace is so evident and that it appears that He still wants to use me.  There’s so much to do.


My cardiologist confirmed with his colleagues that medical treatment is best without other intervention.  So I am glad to be returning to Angola on Sunday (depart Thursday) after a full, good week in Ohio.


I remain so grateful for your interest, care, concern and prayer.  I’m a blessed man.




He asked for strength that he might achieve,
he was made weak that he might endure;
He asked for health to do larger things,
he was given infirmity that he might do better things;
He asked for power that he might impress men,
he was given weakness that he might seek God;
He asked for wealth that he might be free from care,
he was given poverty that he might be wiser than carefree.
He asked for all things that he might enjoy life,
he was given life that he might enjoy all things;
He received nothing he asked for.
He received more than he ever hoped for.
His prayer was answered!
Blessed man                                                 – anonymous

PS. Please forgive me if you didn’t hear from me.  I was able to connect with so few people during these few days.  Your email or phone call was greatly appreciated and I will try to touch base with you in the next couple weeks.  – tim


  1. Thank you for the update. You are a blessed man indeed and we are blessed to be able to follow you. We love you and the work you are doing. May God bless you all the many days of your life for you will be a great witness to the many who have never heard the Good News. Bless you and your family, Linda Walker From Sunbury Vineyard

  2. Tim, glad to hear you are doing better.I had passed the word about you heart problem to Kent and Laura Irwin at church so they all could pray for you as I have been. Keep up the great work you and your family are doing. Congratulations to Luke on going to our alma mater Ohio University. I will kepp you all in my prayers.
    Jim Barnhard III

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